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Founded by Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke in 1975, the luxury brand of Dooney & Bourke has quickly risen to newfound heights in the world of designer labels. Offering luxury products to style-conscious men and women, Dooney & Bourke is best known for its high quality handbags, accessories, and travel luggage. The brand also features a new accompanying clothing line.

            When first launching their self-titled brand in South Norwalk, Connecticut, Dooney and Bourke modestly began their line with two classic products, surcingle belts and suspenders for men. It was not until 1981 that Dooney & Bourke expanded to include handbags in their collection. Today, with more than thirty design series in the entire collection, Dooney & Bourke has without a doubt established its name within the designer fashion industry.

            In 1983, Dooney & Bourke released their signature All-Weather Leather (AWL) handbag collection, featuring their famous duck logo with russet leather trim. Made from genuine cowhide, the AWL bag is treated with a revolutionary shrinking process to make the leather nonporous and waterproof, as well as easy to maintain. Whether designed with genuine leather or quality fabric, the majority of handbags from Dooney & Bourke are treated for soil and water repellency. The treatment ensures that your Dooney & Bourke purse will maintain its high quality and beauty for an extended period of time.

            The defining look of Dooney & Bourke is chic and sophisticated – but above all, it is timeless. Its classic designs make these handbags the perfect accessory for any outfit, as superior quality and unique form never go out of style. There is always something for everyone at Dooney & Bourke – the collection offers luxury for all, whether your taste is bold or simple. Young fans of Dooney & Bourke will love the Grafica series handbags, with their colorful and modern prints, while more seasoned admirers will love the Signature or solid leather handbags, with their more neutral and classic designs.

             Function goes hand in hand with style and quality when it comes to Dooney & Bourke. You will find a multitude of outside and inside pockets for most handbags, along with a cell phone pocket, inside key hook, and credit card slot for maximized storage and convenience. Never be without your main essentials again, as everything will have its own special place in your Dooney & Bourke bag!

            Today, Dooney & Bourke continues to hold its high stature among designer labels in the fashion industry. With help from renowned celebrities like actress Hayden Panettiere, who has designed her own Dooney & Bourke line for 2007/2008, the luxury brand is swiftly growing to provide the fashion world with more beautiful and timeless designer handbags – in other words, more Dooney & Bourke.

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